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What We Do

Operating with a broad portfolio of software and hardware infrastructure with highly skilled engineers and technicians; the company offers services directed towards the following fields:

  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Structural Design & Optimization
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Prototype Manufacturing


Tempa Engineering serves its customers in nearly every step of the product development cycle, with a very strong background in engineering analysis fields such as FEA, MBD, and CFD.


New generation, low cost and user friendly data acquisition solutions


High performance, USB, Ethernet, WiFi
  • USB, Ethernet, and WiFi connectivity
  • Fully compatible with Modbus TCP
  • 16-bit and 24-bit ADC
  • 2 analog outputs
  • 23 digital I/O
  • Up to 12 timer and counter features
  • Run Lua scripts in hardware
T7 with cables


Low cost USB and Ethernet

  • USB and Ethernet connectivity
  • Fully compatible with Modbus TCP
  • 12-bit analog inputs
  • 2 analog outputs
  • Up to 16 digital I/O
  • Up to 10 timer and counter features
  • Run Lua scripts in hardware
T4 with USB and Ethernet Cables


Our most affordable DAQ
  • USB Connectivity
  • Up to 16 analog inputs
  • 12-bit resolution
  • 50 ksample/s max stream rate
  • 2 analog outputs
  • Up to 20 digital I/O
  • 2 timers and 2 counters


Exceptional price and performance
  • USB Connectivity
  • 14 high-quality analog inputs
  • 16+ bits of resolution
  • Expand to 84 channels with Mux80
  • 2 analog outputs
  • 20 digital I/O
  • 4 timers and 2 counters
Computational Material Engineering, Material Information Technologies, prediction of possible errors by creating digital numerical models of production methods, Production Simulations, Performance Simulations


Z-set, is a comprehensive suite of integrated analysis programs for general purpose structural analysis, with a special emphasis on advanced material representation. 


DigitalClone for Engineering

DC-E is a multi-body dynamics digital twin that uses physics-based models to make statistical life predictions of drive train components.


DigitalClone for Additive Manufacturing

DC-AM is a physics-based ICME platform that links process-microstructure-fatigue performance for metal additive manufacturing.


Qusai-Static Mechanical Analyzer

A semi-static mechanical analysis test system is a reliable measurement system designed for the calculation of elastic properties of materials used in noise control engineering studies.

Data acquisition systems for vibration measurements, laser vibrometer, actuators, sensors and several software products in the area of structural dynamics.


  • The Modal Analysis is a very powerful tool for the determination of the dynamic behaviours of a mechanical structure. With the new vibration measurement technology it is possible to make all measurement within a reasonable time frame.


  • MAUL-THEET developed the product family of the automatic Modal hammer „vImpact“. This enables you to precisely and reproducibly excite structures and measure the excitation forces.


  • MAUL-THEET offers a complete system that automatically carries out, evaluates, and documents the measurements in accordance with SAEJ2598 and SAEJ3001. With the MAUL-THEET test bench, it is also possible to determine the dynamic properties (natural frequencies and damping) of other technical components.


  • The vSpeedBox allows to measure speed without any tacho inputs and with a normal DC input. Inside the vSpeedBox, the input pulses coming from the LED-Sensor are used to measure the signal period with high accuracy based on 16 MHz time base.
Weisang's data analysis software FlexPro makes it extremely easy to present, analyze and manage the data you have measured and acquired.
Yeni Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation


  • Are you an engineer, measurement technology expert, scientist or contractor? Are you dealing with complicated measuring tasks or are you responsible for the quality and safety of your products? Then here’s your opportunity to get to know FlexPro: the powerful, intuitive software application for analyzing and presenting your data. FlexPro particularly excels in analyzing dynamic processes.
p6 FullScreenENU
Comprehensive solutions for Vibration Tests, Vibration and Noise Measurement and Analysis, Structural Model Tests, Transducer Calibration, and Environmental Reliability Tests.

VE series miniature shakers have a robust design to ensure a long life in use, and typical applications include structural analysis and testing smaller subassemblies. It provides a testing platform suitable for small components vibration testing and stress screening.

The next-generation vibration controller is now available at ECON for large-scale MISO (Multiple Input, Single Output), MEMA (Multiple Exciter, Single Axis) and MEMA (Multiple Exciter, Multiple Axes) control applications.

Dynamic Signal Analyzer is an all-in-one solution dedicated for data acquisition, FFT based analysis, raw data recording and report generation. It works as an excellent choice for vibration and noise measurement, structural modal test, rotating machinery diagnostics and acoustics.

ECS-1028 integrates the reference acceleration sensor, power amplifier, vibrator and vibration control system. With its advantages of small size and light weight, it provides great convenience for the on-site sensor calibration. At the same time, the ECS-1028’s closed-loop control guarantees the vibration calibration.

CME Technology Co. manufactures equipment for mechanical testing and simulation, environmental reliability testing, non-standard testing.

KRD10 series full-automatic hydraulic shock test system is used to measure and determine the impact resistance of products or packaging, and to evaluate the reliability and structural integrity of products in a shock environment.

KRD15 series is the state-of-the-art shock response spectrum tester that adopts compressed gas energy to provide impact energy, push the shock hammer to impact the resonance plate, and generate high energy shock.
KRD40 series drop tester mainly simulates the resistance to drop and impact of large and heavy packaging products. Its strong power system and unique sample holder facilitate easy loading and unloading of oversized and overweight items.
KRD60 Series 3 DOF simulation table simulates various mechanical, electrical, and electronic products installed on ships, seaplanes, and other equipment to perform sway and tilt tests to determine the ability and structural integrity.

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