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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation

ANSYS Fluent

ANSYS’ most powerful general-purpose computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool.

  • Well-validated physical modeling capabilities deliver fast, accurate results across the widest range of CFD and multiphysics applications
  • Highly scalable high-performance computing (HPC) so you can solve complex, large-model CFD simulations —faster and at lower cost. Fluent holds the supercomputing record scaling to over 172,000 cores
  • A new Fluent experience. Along with a new look and task-based workflows, you will appreciate the enhanced speed and simplicity of this single-window way to run computational fluid dynamics simulations in ANSYS Fluent
ANSYS Fluent


ANSYS CFX is a high-performance computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software recommended for turbomachinery and general simulations.

  • Delivers reliable and accurate solutions quickly and robustly across a wide range of CFD and Multiphysics applications
  • Recognized for its outstanding accuracy, robustness and speed with turbomachinery such as pumps, fans, compressors, and gas and hydraulic turbines

ANSYS Polyflow

Accelerate design while shrinking energy and raw material to make manufacturing processes more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable

  • Design and optimize processes such as extrusion, thermoforming, blow molding, glass forming, fiber drawing and concrete shaping
  • Minimize physical prototyping when manufacturing extrusion dies or to reduce thickness variation to improve the quality of thermoformed or blown products
  • Inverse die design capability can identify final die designs much faster than traditional build-and-test methods
ANSYS Polyflow
ANSYS BladeModeler

ANSYS BladeModeler

Specialized, easy-to-use tool for the rapid 3D design of rotating machinery components Design axial, mixed-flow and radial blade components (pumps, compressors, fans, blowers, turbines, expanders, turbochargers, inducers, etc.)

  • Complete geometric modeling
  • Integrated initial sizing
  • Interactive blade design
  • Part of ANSYS Turbo Tools -Specialized, easy-to-use tools for rapid design of 3D components, efficient blade row geometries and high quality meshes
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