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Structural Analysis & Simulation Software Solutions

ANSYS Additive Solutions

ANSYS Additive Solutions

Additive Prep

  • Standalone Build Setup/Preparation solution
  • STL File Repair and Geometry Manipulation
  • Part Nesting and Support Generation
  • Orientation Guidance and Wizards
  • Built inside SpaceClaimand can be purchased as standalone product

Additive Print

  • Metal Additive Manufacturing Process Simulation
  • Metal Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) Process Simulations
  • Distortion Compensation
  • Build Failure Prediction

Additive Science

  • Material Microstructure Prediction Capabilities
  • Curated Material Property Databases
  • Grain Morphology Predictions
  • Melt pool and Porosity Prediction

Workbench Additive

  • Simulate the entire design to print additive manufacturing process with full user control in workbench mechanical

Note: Additive suite license contains all the above products

ANSYS Mechanical

Flagship finite element analysis (FEA) tool for structural, thermal, acoustic and other effects

  • Applications from linear statics to complex transient simulations involving nonlinear materials
  • User-friendly tree-based graphical interface
  • Built in topology optimization to find optimum geometry shapes that efficiently meet objectives
  • Strong two-way connections with ANSYS tools in the Electrical, Fluids and Systems spaces
ANSYS Mechanical


An explicit analysis tool that is capable of simulating parts/assemblies that are subjected to large loads within a very short period of time

  • Applications include automotive crash testing, sport impact, metal crimping, etc.
  • Integrated into ANSYS Mechanical, providing easy-to-use interface of for pre and post processing

ANSYS Autodyn

Models short time duration events such as impact, drop testing, explosions, and more

  • Solves for complex interaction between all phases of matter due to built-in structural and fluid solvers
  • Simulates anything from large material deformation and failure to shock wave propagation
  • Accurately captures the effects of drop tests or impact on an assembled product (in conjunction with ANSYS Mechanical)
ANSYS Autodyn


Evaluate fatigue life of components and/or assemblies

  • Utilizes the stress/strain information from an upfront FEA analysis to predict life and damage
  • Capture fatigue life in complex, real-world loading duty cycles
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