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VPG Suite

An All-new vertical application replicating real life, proving ground simulations.

VPG Suite is a virtual proving ground software solution that assists engineers’ understanding of true system performance under various conditions, providing early system-level validation.

Perform crash testing and safety-related simulations to meet regulations.

Test virtually for standards using Regulations, Occupant Positioning, Seatbelt Routing, Pedestrian Protection, and Airbag modules.


Crash Test Simulations

Choose from various standards such as FMVSS, ECE, CNCAP, & JNACP.

Pedestrian Protection

PedPro is required in Europe and China, and soon in the USA.

Airbag Deployment

Test proper airbag un/folding is a critical part of testing.

Leverages LS-DYNA

Uses LS-DYNA multi-physics to simulate real-world behavior.

Test full vehicles or subsystems under various road conditions.

VPG Suite’s Structure 3 key modules include a libary of standard road surfaces used on a variety of tracks. It also includes a parametric 3D finite element tire model to mimic real-world tests. Tire/Road module generates forces and moments at tire patch and spindle.

Stick Model

Chassis/Suspension Rigid Body Simulation as basic foundation.

Hybrid Model

Mid-level studies using Deformable Chassis/Suspension simulation.

Full Vehicle System

Use fully deformable models with rigid or deformable suspensions.

Accurate Tire Model

Specify standard sizes for better suspension test results.

New Module

Crash / Safety

The Safety Module provides convenient, simple operations, a modernized user interface, high accuracy across all features, and easy pre & post-processing and auto reports for:


Supporting the latest regulations across the globe, including FMVSS, ECE, NCAP, and others.

Pedestrian Protection (PedPro)

Automatic reporting, damage & score calculation, layout impact points, and more.


Create & adjust a full 3-point seatbelt with shoulder straps, waist straps, and retractors.

Bus Rollover

Simulate full bus rollover events under ECE Regulation No. 66 standards.


Create & configure sliding seat positionings, steering wheels, and instrument panel parts for maximum simulation detail.

New Module


The Structure Module provides digitized actual Proving Ground road surface, tire, and suspension toolsets. These tools provide a great deal of assistance when configuring rigid, flexible, or hybrid chassis/suspension models and evaluating vehicle dynamics, road load, and suspension behavior, as well as placing virtual accelerometers and evaluating the body structure under actual proving ground loading conditions.

The Structure Module also provides:

Early Intervention

Find and fix issues fast in the road load test phase of prototype vehicles.

Early Phase Data

Gain early insights for improvements and cost reductions in structural durability analysis & more.

Actual Road Load Data

Gain and measure accurate data for structure evaluations and correlation studies.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate unnecessary spending on real-world road tests and vehicle prototyping.

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See What's New in VPG Suite 2022

VPG Suite is an LS-DYNA plugin vertical application toolbox to assist product design and development for transportation industries. For years, VPG has helped engineers understand true system performance and provide early system-level validation through virtual proving grounds simulations. The all-new VPG Suite 2022 accomplishes this goal and much more.

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