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CME / Multi-Axial Simulation Tables

KRD60 3-DOF Test System

KRD60 Series 3 DOF simulation table simulates various mechanical, electrical, and electronic products installed on ships, seaplanes, and other equipment to perform sway and tilt tests to determine the ability and structural integrity of the product to withstand severe sway and tilt requirements. The tilt test is mainly applicable to large-angle tilt caused by ship damage, manipulation, imbalance in loading and unloading, and wind. The sway test is mainly applicable to long-term swaying of the ship due to external forces such as wind and waves, which must be maintained normally or products that work reliably, and products that have a significant impact on their performance in a rocking environment.

  • It can complete one-way movement or compound movement of Rolling tilting, pitching tilting, rolling, pitching, and yawing.
  • Based on the stable Windows OS and support automatic remote-control interface, the operator can accurately complete the tilting and swing test by entering simple values.
  • The operation interface is mainly based on the real-time display of data curve, it also can display the test parameters, system status, and test progress.
  • It can realize the functions of sine signal, self-closed loop adjustment, various function control and alarm prompt.

KRD61 6-DOF Test System

KRD61 series 6-DOF simulation table is a closed-loop servo simulation platform consisting of six servo actuators and six sets of dedicated hinges connected at the top and bottom platforms respectively. By virtue of the telescopic movement of the six actuators, the upper platform moves in six degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, α, β, γ), so various space motion attitudes can be simulated.

It is widely applied as testing or training simulators in the field of aircraft, vessel, helicopters taking off and landing, automotive, train, earthquake, motion movies, entertainment equipment and other fields. It can even be used for docking of space spacecraft and for refueling of aerial tankers. In the processing industry, it can be made into six-axis linkage machine tools, smart robots, etc.

  • It can realize posture simulation, sine wave simulation, single-DOF motion, and multiple-DOF composite motion.
  • It can realize road spectrum filtering, road spectrum, wave spectrum, and flight spectrum replication.
  • Provide third-party communication interface through TCP / IP protocol.
  • Provide internal and external data output control interfaces.
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