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CME / SRS Test Systems

KRD14 Pneumatic Vertical Shock Response Spectrum Test System

KRD14 series pendulum shock response spectrum tester is used to measure and determine the shock resistance of electrical and electronic products or packaging, and to evaluate the reliability and structural integrity of the test product in a shock environment. The shock response spectrum is the total result of a series of single-degree-of-freedom linear systems with different natural frequencies subjected to the same shock excitation response. When a product is subjected to an impact, the maximum value of its impact response means that the product has a maximum stress. Therefore, the shock response spectrum tester can better simulate the shock wave and shock energy suffered in the real environment.

  • 1200mm table size withstand 1000kg load.
  • Windows-based stable control system, full-automatic remote-control interface.
  • The control & measurement system has built-in SRS specifications and tolerances, which is convenient for users to adjust and apply. It automatically completes the test and generates reports.
  • Adjust the driving shock energy by adjusting the air pressure, which is convenient to operate and high in efficiency.
  • The equipment takes up a small area and is easy to install.

KRD15 Pneumatic Horizontal Shock Response Spectrum Test System

KRD15 series is the state-of-the-art shock response spectrum tester that adopts compressed gas energy to provide impact energy, push the shock hammer to impact the resonance plate, and generate high energy shock. Comparing to traditional pendulum shock response spectrum tester, this machine has the advantages of high energy, stable performance, high reliability, good repeatability, easy adjustment, safety and environmental protection. It is mainly applied in the industries of aerospace, aviation and ships.

  • The system uses pneumatic energy storage to drive the impact hammer, with large driving force, fast response speed and reliable structure;
  • Adjust the driving shock energy by adjusting the air pressure, which is convenient to operate and high in efficiency.
  • Special designed base for the response spectrum, which can raise the installation position of the response board, convenient for the user to install the test piece and adjust the gasket. In addition, the rigidity of the installation position of the response board is greatly enhanced, which makes it better fixed to the ground foundation and withstands larger Impact load.
  • A two-level safety cut-out is designed to fully protect the safety of operators.
  • The operating software has the functions of shock response spectrum tester control, shock data collection, and response spectrum analysis.
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