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CME / Vibration Shakers

KRD70 Hydraulic Vibration Shaker

KRD70 series hydraulic vibration shaker converts the energy of high-pressure liquid into the power of the reciprocating motion of the cylinder through the electro-hydraulic servo valve. Especially suitable for vibration tests requiring low frequency and high force. It can realize sine, random, multi-point excitation and shock test (sine, random, sine on random, random on random, or resonant search & dwell). It’s applied for reproducing the vibrations of transportation vehicles, bulk packaging products, machinery, electrical and electronic products in the actual environment, thereby optimizing the product structure and saving costs.

  • To achieve sine vibration, random vibration, multi-point excitation, and shock and bump;
  • It can be used to simulate seismic excitation with low frequency and high force features.
  • The high-strength cast aluminum or cast magnesium table ensures uniform and consistent vibration, high reproducibility, and avoids deformation of the table.
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