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Revolution Counter with DC and TTL output. 

At many experimental studies and measurements, it is necessary to accurately measure the speed of rotational parts of test objects. Especially for diagrams that are dependent on the rotational speed, like waterfall diagrams or order plots, the speed must be measured inparallel with other physical units. 

The vSpeedBox allows to measure speed without any tacho inputs and with a normal DC input. Inside the vSpeedBox, the input pulses coming from the LED-Sensor are used to measure the signal period with high accuracy based on 16 MHz time base. The speed values are calculated and converted to an speed-proportional analog DC output voltage, so they can be recorded by any data acquisition system with a DC input. Parallelly the impulse from the LED-Sensor are routet through to the TTL-Output, so data acquisitions having a special tacho input can be used as well. 

To guarantee a high accuracy, three speed ranges can be selected:

  • 400 RPM 
  • 4000 RPM
  • 40000 RPM 

For the selected speed range, the DC output has a resolution of 4000 steps. If the maximum speed is exceeded, the power LED starts blinking. 

The vSpeedBox system is build up of two components:

  • LED-Sensor Head 
  • Controller

For the detection of the speed pulses we additionally offer customized optical sensors for special test setups.

Technical Data:

Sensor M16 x 1,5 with angle holder
Measurement principle LED red, visible
Measurement distance Max. 1000mm
Marker  Reflection tape
Sensor size M16x1,5 length 74 mm
Cable length 2,4 m
Temperature range -10° to 70° C
Controller size 110 x71x32 mm
Measurement ranges 400 RPM = 4 Volt
4.000 RPM = 4 Volt
40.000 RPM = 4 Volt
Accuracy ≤ 0,25 %
TTL output Pulses 5 Volt
Power supply 9 Volt DC
Scope of delivery Sensor, controller and power supply

For more information or a demonstration, please contact us.

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