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ANSYS Discovery AIM

An integrated tool that enables designers to create/modify geometry, analyze structural, fluids and electromagnetics effects and post process all within the same platform

• Multiple powerful flagship physics solvers that are tied together in an easy to use interface

• Create process templates that automate the entire simulation workflow for easy repeatability and promotion of best practices

• Perfect for design engineers who need to run individual or multi-physics analysis for validation purposes but that don’t require the extra horsepower of the ANSYS flagship solvers

ANSYS Discovery Live

Easy, Fast, Powerful Simulation for Designers

•Leveraging GPU technology to deliver instantaneous structural/fluid results with very little input from the user

•Designers can quickly understand how changing the geometry or a boundary condition affects the stress, velocity, or deformation

•Interactively modify the geometry -as soon as a particular modification is complete, the structural and/or fluid results will update instantaneously


ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim

Powerful, single platform direct modeler to quickly create, modify and repair geometry

• Full part, assembly, and drawing capabilities for design and concept modeling

• Built-in CAD translators for all the major CAD formats

• Powerful features to speed up analysis preprocessing workflows (e.g. Volume Extract for CFD analysts and automatic beam extraction for FEA users)

• Includes toolsets for reverse engineering faceted/scanned data and editing or optimizing STL files for additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

• Supports creation of manufacturing fixtures, process plans, or optimization and repair of models for toolpath creation

• Creation, repair and rapid unfolding of sheet metal components

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