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High Precision Automotive Disc Brake Pad

 Natural Frequency and Damping Test

SAE J2598

  • Frequency Range better than standard requirement (500Hz to 16 kHz)
  • Frequency Resolution < 1 Hz at 20 kHz
  • Calculation of Damping or Loss Factor according to SAE J2598
  • Selectable dB Values for Damping Estimation for each Natural Frequency
  • Quality Sentencing based on Frequency Tolerances
  • Temperature Measurement with optional Frequency Correction

Measurement Types

  • Part Type Definition
  • Serial Measurement
  • Repetition Measurement
  • Master Part Measurement

Data Management

  • SQL Data Base
  • User Management
  • Work Order
  • Part Types
  • Measurement Data


The Maul-Theet Damping Test Stand (vDamp) is optimized for the determination of

  • Natural Frequencies
  • Damping Values of brake parts following SAE J2598.

It consists of an aluminium construction with the following components:

  • Excitation Unit
  • Vibration Sensor
  • Data Acquisition
  • Windows PC

Excitation Unit

The broad band excitation is done with an Automatic Impact Hammer:

  • Frequency Range 0.3 to 40 kHz
  • Impact Force up to 200N peak
  • High Reproducibility

Vibration Sensor

The following sensors can be used with the VTS:

  • Microphone
  • Laser Doppler Vibrometer
  • Acceleration Sensor

Data Acquisition

4 Channel DAQ with synchronous sampling

  • Frequency Ranges 1 kHz to 40 kHz
  • Frequency Resolution100 to 26500 FFT Lines
  • AC, DC and IEPE Coupling

Windows PC

All in One PC with Windows 10

  • 8 GB RAM
  • 256 GB SSD

vDamp Software

The vDamp software handles the complete test procedure. It covers user management, parts and work order handling, measurements, analysis, documentation and reporting.

Part type specification:

  • Name and Meta data
  • Frequency range 1 kHz – 20 kHz selectable
  • Frequency Resolution (No of FFT lines) selectable
  • Frequency bands, Frequency Tolerances
  • dB Values for Damping Calculation (0.5 to 3dB)

Measurement Procedure based on Work Order:

  • Serial Measurement
  • Repetition Measurement


Automatic Measurement Procedure:

  • Triggering of Automatic Impact Hammer
  • Measurement of Excitation Force and Vibration Response
  • Averaging and Analysis
  • Peak Picking, Damping Calculation and Sentencing



Output of Work Order Results as Chart to:

  • Printer, PDF, Excel, CSV, etc.


Data Export

  • ASCII Files
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