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Easy to analyze...

  • Start analyzing your data at the click of a button.
  • Create dynamic analyses for multichannel measurements and test series.

Easy to visualize...

  • Create custom templates for analysis and presentation.
  • Combine measurement data with map displays and videos.
  • Take advantage of the new reporting features in FlexPro 2019.

Easy to organize and share...

  • Import your data in all popular formats (such as Excel, ASCII, database, and measurement system/acquisition software binary file formats).
  • Clearly and reliably manage your data and analyses in the centralized project database.
  • Speed up the exchange of information – share your templates with your team.

Choose FlexPro, and turn data into knowledge

What happens during a crash? What is the service life of turbine vanes? What forces affect a person using a jackhammer?

FlexPro will help you find the answers to these and many other questions. Weisang’s analysis software excels in tackling whatever task you have at hand that requires you to record and study the data of dynamic procedures. The New FlexPro 2019: With FlexPro 2019 you find the hidden gems in your data archives!

For more than 25 years, FlexPro has impressed scientists, engineers, and others all over the world who work with technical data due to its speed, ease of use, and overall performance. Use the new FlexPro 2019 to extract key information from your measurement data archives. The FlexPro 2019 server-based indexing feature scans all your data, calculates quantities defined by you, and stores all of the aggregated data in a SQL database.

This index database allows your entire team to quickly run data queries based on data attributes such as statistics, quantities, units, test objects, or test numbers. This is measurement technology big data!

” It’s incredible how fast FlexPro analyzes our test bench data. We are running automated analysis templates written in VBA and FPScript. FlexPro has also quickly become my favorite tool for viewing individual measurements.”

- Ralf Doering, A. Kayser Automotive GmbH

Easy to deploy

FlexPro – for dynamic operations

FlexPro – as fast as your dynamic processes

A popular phrase quoted in technical textbooks is “measuring means comparing“. Experts in the field know that everything’s fine as long as the objects aren’t moving.

When it comes to industrial manufacturing processes and test setups in research and development, however, scientists frequently deal with dynamic processes. For instance, when during the start-up of a turbine, signals with millions of measuring points are produced – that’s where FlexPro comes in.

As opposed to spreadsheet programs, which are not designed for these types of applications, FlexPro can easily read, display, and analyze dynamic measurement data using data cursors and spectral analysis at the click of a button.

Since FlexPro is interactive, it provides considerably more convenience and flexibility than a pure programming environment.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Access large amounts of data quickly through the use of data queries
  • Process your data – even millions of measuring points – with ease and within seconds.
  • Centralized core application is available to you and your entire team for processing your data.
  • Process large volumes of data, limited only by the size of your hard disk.

FlexPro helps to speed up your analysis procedures, gain additional knowledge and streamline your enterprise’s processes – an advantage for you and your customers.



Automotive Industry

Test benches, test runs/test drives, NVH, service life of parts



Develop and maintain of turbines, analyze acceleration signals (vibrations)



Test runs, vibrations, acoustics and rotating machines


Mechanical Engineering

Development and testing of rotating machines



Analyze of electrical signals



Shock response spectra, high-speed video


Energy Producers

Grid quality (harmonic analysis)


Oil and Gas

Monitor the condition of compressors and


Coal and Steel Industry

Record quality parameters (statistical process control), quality reporting

Easy to run

Visualization and analysis at the click of a button

Speed up your data analyses
FlexPro and all of its features have been designed to make your work easier: from importing your data to interactive analysis using data cursors all the way through to sharing analysis templates with a team. Discover the new level of speed and ease at which you can organize, analyze and present your measurement data. These are the criteria by which you may measure us.

Just one click and you’ll know
The powerful FlexPro data cursors help you see immediately what you measured and extract key information from your data without using mathematics.

The FlexPro project database lets you conveniently and clearly organize your data, analyses, and presentation in the familiar Explorer environment.

FlexPro offers you something unique: once you have created your analyses and presentations, you can use them on any number of data sets – without the need for programming!

This is what makes FlexPro the perfect tool for engineers, scientists, and anyone who works with technical data.

FlexPro – designed to make your work easier.

  • State-of-the-art user interface with the look and feel of MS Office
  • User-friendly project database
  • Powerful data cursors
  • Easy Excel and database data analysis
  • Data search and import for all popular binary formats from measurement systems and data acquisition programs
  • Wide selection of pre-defined analyses
  • Full automation capability with Visual Basic or C#
  • Macro recordings and playback to make your work easier
  • Efficient exchange of data due to the variety of export options
  • Interface module for LabVIEW and other data acquisition programs

Easy to use

FlexPro Features

Discover the new features in FlexPro 2019! To ensure that you obtain results even faster and easier than before we have enhanced our successful analysis software to include several new intelligent functions.


Superior performance and user convenience

FlexPro offers you all the power of technical software with the convenience of an application similar to MS Office.

  • Take advantage of all the conveniences offered by the state-of-the-art user interface of FlexPro 2019.
  • Keep track of your data with FlexPro’s new Data Preview feature.
  • FlexPro Professional lets you take full advantage of the power of your multicore CPU.
  • Go about your regular work while FlexPro works in the background calculating your analyses.
p6 FullScreenENU

Analysis and presentation at the click of a button

When using FlexPro to perform analyses, not only are you creating new data from existing data, but you are also building a network extending from the raw data up to the finished report.

  • Choose from a variety of pre-defined analyses for all common procedures.
  • Modify the analysis procedure and immediately see the effect on the results.
  • Program your own analysis procedures in FPScript.
  • Work directly with physical quantities composed of a value and unit when carrying out calculations. The FlexPro SI Unit
  • Manager provides correct interpretation and adjustment of units.
  • Create diagrams, tables, or entire analyses just once – store them as templates and share them with colleagues.

Centralized data management application

No matter which measuring device, measurement hardware, or acquisition software you use, FlexPro 2019 makes organizing data extremely easy.

  • You can import the binary data of your measurement system directly. FlexPro supports over 60 formats.
  • Create schemas for your own custom text data formats using the sophisticated Text Data Wizard.
  • Store large volumes of data in the FlexPro project database, limited only by the space on your hard disk.
  • Export your results in a variety of different binary and graphic formats.
Data-Explorer-ENU (1)

Big Data in Test & Measurement

The FlexPro Data Explorer option indexes measurement data archives on the server or your hard disk. Use configurable queries to search for data attributes and quickly find the data sets you want to analyze.

  • Calculate key quantities during indexing and use them for subsequent queries.
  • Use attributes and data to search in FlexPro projects on the hard disk or server.
  • View statistical information, calculations, and a preview of the data immediately without having to import the data first.
  • Analyze the identified data directly without having to import it.
  • Set up an index server and grant your entire team access to your company’s measurement data archives (Microsoft SQL Server license required).
WhatsNew08-Full-ENU (1)

Dynamic data analysis & presentation

When analyzing test series, the number of data sets to evaluate and results to present vary. The dynamic analysis and presentation features provided by FlexPro make it easy for you to analyze this type of data.

  • Instead of creating one analysis per data set, you can create a single analysis that will process all data sets simultaneously.
  • Create analyses that are designed for varying numbers of data sets.
  • Present your results in diagrams and tables, which can be adjusted dynamically to the number of data sets you want to display.

Office level reporting

Use FlexPro’s wide range of presentation and style options to highlight key information in your analyses.

  • With FlexPro 2019, you can get your results into impressive shape.
  • Equip extensive reports with a table of contents and a table of figures.
  • Customize paper size, headers, and footers for document sections.
  • Automatically embed individual reports into a final report.
  • Embed dynamic, multi-page diagrams and tables.

Easy to choose

The right edition for your application

You can choose from different editions of the powerful FlexPro software, giving you the ability to tailor the software package to fit your needs.

Weisang offers you various editions and several Options. Simply choose the right FlexPro edition for you!

p9 FlexPro View ENU

FlexPro VIEW

The perfect solution for presenting data
Create persuasive graphics and documents using FlexPro View.

  • The optimized, user-friendly interface makes it easy to design, scale and position your diagrams, tables, and text.
  • Choose from over 100 types of diagrams, or use drag-and-drop to insert curves and axes.
  • An extensive array of cursor functions provide for easy inspection and marking of data.

Data visualization has never been easier! Discover FlexPro now.


The powerful combination of analysis and presentation

FlexPro Standard combines impressive presentation features with a basic set of mathematical analysis functions.

  • Use the pre-designed analyses to obtain your data analysis results faster and more reliably at the click of a button.
  • Customize the analysis procedure and immediately view its effect on the results.
  • Develop your own analysis algorithms in FPScript: Over 200 functions and a variety of operators are available to you.
p9 FlexPro Standard ENU
p9 FlexPro Professional ENU


The perfect platform for team collaboration
FlexPro Professional offers you the performance, team functions, and scalability you need for professional use:

  • Shared template databases to speed up the exchange of information.
  • Hardware graphics acceleration, multicore processor support with the ability to run computing operations concurrently to save you valuable time.
  • Use the integrated VBA* or a programming language of your choice to automate analyses.
  • The scalable FlexPro Professional grows with your tasks thanks to several add-on options.

VBA*: Microsoft Visual Basic ® for Applications


The total solution for your enterprise.
Take advantage of all of FlexPro’s features and options at an attractive price.


FlexPro 2019 Detailed Information Booklet

You can find:

  • The FlexPro software options you need for your application from 12-19 pages,
  • Detailed version comparison tables from 22-23 pages.

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Try FlexPro 30 days for free!

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See for yourself:
Become a FlexPro expert in 15 minutes.

A full-featured version of FlexPro is ready for you to download. Try FlexPro free for 30 days and without obligation.

Easy to experience

Experience the benefits of FlexPro

FlexPro – a strategic investment

By purchasing FlexPro, you are investing in the future of your enterprise. Of course, we can’t make this decision for you, but our software developers have thought of some features that should make purchasing FlexPro an easy decision to make.

As the core application for processing data, FlexPro integrates easily into your enterprise’s IT environment. It is extremely easy to use and offers you a considerable amount of professional features, such as full automation and a variety of options for team collaboration.

Engineering departments, laboratories, medium-size companies, market and technology leaders and a multitude of successful enterprises currently work with FlexPro and have put their trust in the years of experience and commitment of our skilled developer and customer support teams.

Are you interested in meeting with one of our support representatives, attending a training session, receiving technical support, or developing a special application? Please feel free to contact us or one of our local resellers. We have the right solution for you.

Choose FlexPro – and turn your data into knowledge.

Richard Weisang, Managing Director

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