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The new ultra-portable data acquisition system

     The new ultra-portable data acquisition system provides dynamic data capture for a wide range of field and mobile or test facility applications. Four analog input channels plus a tachometer and an analog output per unit. Versatile self-contained solution with data streamed to a laptop or other PC via USB. Synchronous working 24-bit ADC for each channel provides wide dynamic range. The frequency ranges can be chosen from 1 Hz up to max. 20 kHz and have an increment of 1,2,5. The Anti Aliasing filter is automatically set to the selected frequency range. The input coupling is DC, AC, or IEPE for sensors that need a constant current source.



  • Ultra-portable Data Acquisition Unit
  • Weighs less than 0.4kg,
  • 4 Analogue channels/housing
  • 1 Tachometer Input/housing
  • 1 Analogue output/housing
  • Up to 20kHz frequency range
  • Synchronous across all channels
  • DC, AC, and IEPE input coupling
  • USB Interface
  • 106dB SNR
  • Multi-unit operation

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