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CME / Packaging Test Systems

KRD100 Incline Impact Tester

KRD100 series incline impact tester simulates the ability of product packaging to resist shock damage in the actual environment, such as handling, stacking of shelves, sliding of motors, loading and unloading of locomotives, product transportation, etc. This machine can also be used as common test equipment for scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, packaging technology test centers, packaging materials manufacturing plants, and foreign trade, transportation and other departments to conduct incline impact test.

  • Flexible low-damping tackle, high repetition accuracy, to achieve the required speed change value.
  • High-strength and low-friction profile guide rails are beneficial to the accurate free sliding of the block.
  • For heavy-duty test products, the horizontal rotation mechanism of the composite pulley table can be added to facilitate the user to install the test pieces.
  • Hard wooden or iron sliding table, effectively protect the surface of the test piece.
  • Complete control and measurement system, simple and convenient operation, integrated control and measurement.
  • Unique lifting and release methods, with obvious advancement and reliability.
  • During installation, the customer only needs to fix the machine on the ground, without other complicated operations or installation.

KRD101 Packaging Compression Tester

KRD101 series packaging compression tester is designed to evaluate the compressive strength of packaging in order to prevent the product from deforming or being damaged during handling, stacking, storage, and transportation due to insufficient packaging strength. This machine is one of the main testing equipment for corrugated packaging performance and comprehensive indicators, and is ideal testing equipment for papermaking, packaging, commodity inspection, scientific research and other departments.

  • Conform to standards ISO2872 & ISO2874
  • Based on the stable Windows OS and support automatic remote-control interface, the operator can accurately complete the tilting and swing test by entering simple values.
  • The operation interface is mainly based on the real-time display of data curve; it also can display the test parameters, system status, and test progress.
  • High-precision AD conversion, preamplifier, data processing and automatic test result output, digital control to ensure test accuracy and stable performance.
  • The strength test, fixed value test and stacking test can be realized on the same platform.

KRD102 Clamping Force Tester

KRD102 series clamping force tester is suitable for research, development, quality control and manufacturing of electronics, electromechanical, optoelectronic, automotive, toy, packaging and other industries. It can simulate the situation that the goods in the container are clamped when they are transported from the container to the warehouse, whether the goods are damaged due to the clamping, so as to evaluate the anti- clamping ability of the packaging.

The clamping force tester is commonly used testing equipment for strength testing of scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, packaging technology testing centers, packaging material manufacturers, and foreign trade and transportation departments.

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