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Filament Winding Technologies

ONATUS, has manufactured the first domestic and national machine system based on Filament Winding Technologies and presented it to the Turkish industry.

Filament winding machines are mainly used for the production of cylindrical structures or closed-end structures. The process is based on the principle of winding the fibers under tension on a rotating axis.

It is possible to achieve proper dimensional tolerance and desired strength in a part for this type of production with the filament winding machine developed with domestic resources. During the winding of rotational and axial asymmetry parts, the slippage of the fibers is prevented in areas with large diameter changes. In addition, the wrapped products are of high quality.

Our four-axis machine has a system that can continuously wrap parts containing asymmetry on the long axis and rotary axis and give different thicknesses.

Parts such as long shaft, carcass systems, rocket bodies, rocket casings, fasteners that require stiffness in flying vehicles, rifle holders, turbine panels/posts are manufactured with high standards.

Parts produced with different fibers using different resins are resistant to high temperatures, abrasion and failure strengths are very high.

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