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Allows 2 digital I/O lines to each control a relay or other moderate load. The 4-pin design plugs into the standard DIO/DIO/GND/VS screw terminal block found on LabJacks such as the U3, U6, UE9, T7, and T4. Each DIO controls a switch to ground (i.e. open-collector) that can hold off up to 50 volts and can sink up to 200 mA.

  • Connect LabJack VS terminal(5V) to the (+) of the load.
  • RelayDriver connects to the low side (-) of the load.

For more information, see the LJTick-RelayDriver Datasheet.

Compatible Products:
LabJack LJTick-RelayDriver
LabJack LJTick-RelayDriver 2
LabJack LJTick-RelayDriver With U3-LV
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